Pluser dental

All tissue dental laser!

Precise, versatile and efficient, for hard tissue, soft tissue and bone surgery.



The dental erbium laser PLUSER is a remarkable tool designed for dentists that wish to improve their patient's well-being: less discomfort, less pain, less anaesthetics mean faster treatment and faster recovery for patients.
This erbium laser operates without vibrations and does not induce thermal damage on tissue. It can be used on soft tissue, hard tissue and surgery without any contact or vibration. It is especially useful for conservative treatments and bone surgery.
Doctor smile has developed an important advancement in the field of laser handpieces with the creation of the outstanding PLUSER BOOST: it is a tip-less instrument that focuses the laser beam, allowing precision cutting and fast diameter variations without the fuss of changing tips, reducing at the same time the risk of cross contamination. Thanks to the 10W power of Pluser enamel cutting is fast, precise and does not create fractures in the tooth.
PLUSER dental laser is powered by a software with pre-set treatments for easy selection that includes a built-in video guide containing treatment protocols.



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