The wireless laser

No pedal, no wires, light and powerful: high-tech design and functionality all in one!


WISER: innovation and design, portable and chargeable

WISER, the cordless dental laser, is compact, elegant and works without cables and pedals: this makes it a very practical tool for a busy dental practice, where every minute counts. This powerful 14W peak power diode laser recharges in sixty seconds thanks to the patented Super Cap technology. It can then be used for various dental treatments without the inconvenience of cables, pedals and plugs.

The WISER laser has the new Sensa-Touch trigger area built into the handpiece for strain-free greater operating freedom. The bendable colour coded tips are reusable for many treatments for cost cutting and maximum hygiene. The bright touch keyboard is smooth with no outward buttons for easy cleaning and fast selection. Whitening, periodontics, therapy and much more at your fingertips!



Wiser is a 14W peak power, portable diode laser.

Charges in 60 seconds thanks to the patented Super Cap system. No annoying power cables.

Fast and direct treatment selection.

Sensa-Touch handpiece:
Just one light touch to start, no strain, no pedals.

Autoclavable tips:
ensure maximum hygiene and cut costs.

Practical design:
superior elegance for perfect cleanliness.

Visit www.wiserlaser.com for more details

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