laser whitening system TITANIUM



The LWS laser whitening system is a professional bleaching system used in combination with diode laser systems with a wavelength from 810nm to 980 nm and the ND:YAG Laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm.
The gel is enriched with titanium dioxide (TiO2  ) which in combination with a laser is an effective photocatalytic pigment that also physically blocks undesired increases of heat. The presence of titanium dioxide allows the use of less hydrogen peroxide in the bleaching agent, thus achieving excellent results with fewer side effects (e.g. sensitivity, changes in the tooth surface, etc.) for a natural whiteness.

The LWS TITANIUM was developed in a cooperation between the Vienna Dental School and the Vienna University of Technology in order to obtain a high bleaching efficiency combined with an elevated protection of the dental enamel.

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